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    Termites are insects from the family of cockroaches. They usually feed on dead plant materials in the form of wood, leaf litter, soil, or animal dung. Termites are used in many traditional medicines; they have also found their place in medical Science. But the harm that they can cause is frightening. They can infest your furniture and cause huge losses every year. Since termites are cryptic, they do not come out in open, making it difficult to detect them.

    Pestico Pest Control is a leading Termite Control Company in Melbourne. With our expert staff, we aim to achieve complete termite control and removal. Our expert pest treatment team uses eco-friendly chemical solutions that are safe for your family health.

    How to identify Termites

    Different types of termites have various behaviour patterns such as:

    Headbanging – One indication of termites is the clicking sound coming from your walls. Soldier termites bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies when the colony is disturbed to signal a threat to the other termites. The worker termites are noisy woodwork eaters. If you put ear close to infested wood, you may hear them munching away.

    Papery or hollow sounding timber – When you knock on an area that is damaged by termite, it will sound hollow or papery. This is because timber inside has been eaten away.

    Tunnels in the wood – Tunnels in the wood are frequently made of mud or termite droppings, and are one of the common signs of locating termites.

    Type of Termite

    Subterranean Termite – Subterranean termites eat dead wood and are the most destructive termite.
    Drywood Termite – Drywood termites live in small colonies inside pieces of furniture. They infest both softwood and hardwood timber.
    Dampwood Termite – Dampwood termites are found where there are high moisture content and wood decay.
    Formosan Termites – Known as destructive pests, they make mud nests in the soil and eat wood.
    Flying Termites – Flying termites are also called swarmers or alates. They leave their nest due to lack of food and establish a new home somewhere else. Flying termites lose their wings after finding a mate.

    Pestico Termite Inspections Melbourne

    If you’re worried you have termites & want termite inspection, experts at Pestico Termite Control Melbourne are here to help. Our Professional inspection to detect termite infestation at the earliest minimizes the risk of damage to your property.

    Standard Termite Inspection

    We use the latest termite detection equipment & method. We do termite inspection as per Australian Standards 3660. We have fully trained & insured termite technicians. After inspection, we provide a detailed multi-page report with photos explaining our findings on-site. We also provide additional information and prevention tips to our clients.

    Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

    We provide pre-purchase timber inspection service. Buying a new house is a huge investment. We provide you with detailed inspection and reports before you purchase any property. Know what you’re buying before buying it!

    Possible Threats and Damages Posed by Termites

    Termite damage is more severe than the damage caused due to storms, fires etc.
    Loss of furniture is caused because of termites and the cost is rarely covered by homeowner’s insurance.
    Termites can also cause several diseases. Due to this, they pose a constant risk to the health of your family members, especially the kids.
    Unhygienic environment
    Termites also attack trees (mainly crops) during the dry season. This leads to agricultural loss to the farmers.

    Termite Treatments Melbourne

    Termite Monitoring System

    Termite monitoring stations are installed if a property has a termite infestation or even for future monitoring. With this, termite infestation and its possibility are reduced.

    Termite Dusting

    This method aims to destroy the termite’s colony. Dusting method needs a highly skilled approach & works best with high levels of termite infestation when a large number of termites can be coated with the dust. We use the best dust of lower toxicity for more effective results.

    Chemical Soil Treatment

    In chemical soil treatment, we apply a chemical to the soil around the perimeter of a building and under the concrete flooring. Our Termite Control exterminators are fully skilled & trained to take care of your homes or offices creating an effective barrier.

    Termite Baiting

    Termite baiting is a modern & eco-friendly method to control termites. We place termite bait material inside a bait station. Installing a termite monitoring system inside building & into the soil around a building provides an early warning system for termites trying to attack your home.

    Termite Nest Destruction

    Our skilled technicians eliminate termite infestation using the best techniques. We take swift action to eradicate the termite colony from your homes.

    DIY Termite Control Melbourne Methods

    Avoid having gardens just against your house

    Termites breed where they find moisture and mulch, and gardens are the best site for them.

    Make sure that there is no water leakage in and around your house

    As mentioned above, termites love moisture and humidity attracts them. This is because they have a soft and thin cuticle that dries out easily.

    The house should have proper drainage and ventilation

    Simple things such as hot water system overflow or air-conditioner pipe drained against the wall are enough to attract termites to your house. Ensure that humidity and moisture are at bay.

    Store goods, especially, timber safely

    Having goods sitting up against or leaning on the wall can turn into a disaster. It provides a bridge or a runway for the termites to enter your house. Timber is also bad because it attracts termites. Try to stock timber outside the house on the bricks.

    Be careful with DIYs

    Often, after doing the DIY renovation of the house, people keep the untreated timber in and around the area of the house, this gives termites direct access inside.

    How to Recognize a Termite Pest Infestation?

    Termites are often mistaken as fly ants due to their similar appearance. Termites have two body segments, straight antenna and 2 sets of wings equal in length. Flying ants, on the other hand, have 3 segment body, bent antenna, and 2 sets of wings which are usually equal in length.

    Following are the indications of termite pest infestation:

    A temporary swarm of winged insects in your house or around your house.
    Any kind of bubble-like structure or crack on wood items (termite dropping).
    Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.
    Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams or in crawl spaces.

    Differences between ants and termites

    Termites are light in colour. They are usually white and sometimes look quite translucent. The waste section of a termite is thicker than that of an ant. Both flying ants and termites have the same kind of wings. Termites’ set is both the same size compared to an ant who has one set larger than the other.

    Melbourne Termite Treatment Cost

    We will provide you with a detailed treatment plan with a reasonable quote and all the information you need to know to get rid of termites.

    Melbourne’s Termite Protection Methods

    Keep a regular check on your yards

    If you find any kind of hole around any tree, stumps, or timber, and you happen to see termite around it, just call the termite expert as soon as possible.

    Keep an eye on the timber and timber products in your house

    Any imperfection in timber products is a sign of termites. On poking it with your finger- you may get access to the hole they have made. Masking tape can be used in case of fewer holes, otherwise, it is better to get rid of the entire timber to avoid further complications.

    Get regular termite inspections at least once on an annual basis

    Installing a chemical barrier in the soil may help in anticipating and getting rid of termite infestation.

    Call a termite specialist immediately if things start getting out of control.

    Pestico Pest Control is a reliable Pest Control Service provider in Melbourne. We deal with all sorts of pest eradication. We guarantee satisfactory services at reasonable costs.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are white ants or termites the same thing?

    Yes, white ants are termed as termites.

    Do termites eat wood?

    Yes, termites eat wood and that recycles the wood in the soil as humus which further increases the water-holding ability of the soil.

    How much damage do termites cause?

    Average 4-5 billion dollars of property is damaged because of termites every year.

    Is termite treatment expensive?

    Honestly, termite treatment is a little expensive from others because of the long and tedious procedures. Pestico Pest Control provides termite treatment at the best affordable price.

    I’ve found Termites, what do I do?

    The first and foremost thing to do is ‘Do Not Disturb Them’. They don’t cause much harm overnight. Disturbing them or spraying them will lead to scaring them for a few hours and then making it difficult for the professionals to remove them.

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