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    Are you dealing with a bird infestation and looking for bird nest control treatment or bird removal Earlston services?

    Birds rely on human environments for food, nesting, and escape from predators, and many of them do not bother people. However, some bird species are a tremendous annoyance to both households and businesses.

    Pestico Pest Control Earlston employs certified and experienced bird pest control Earlston professionals and established methods that are successful.

    We understand how some birds can cause problems in your daily life, and we have solutions to keep you safe from such annoyances.

    The Common Pest Birds Seen in Earlston 

    Businesses and residents in Earlston frequently deal with the following birds:

    • Seagulls
    • Pigeons
    • Starlings
    • The house sparrow
    • Indian Myna

    Pestico Pest Control is qualified and licenced to remove all nuisance bird species. Plus, we are the leading bird removal business with many years of expertise. Do you have any specific queries about your needs that you would want to learn more about? Contact our bird nest control experts immediately.

    Why Should You Manage Birds on Your Property?

    If pest birds are not managed on time, they may become a big annoyance for you in terms of property damage, monetary loss, and other issues.

    • Birds are frequently carriers of viruses that can have a severe impact on the health of your loved ones or consumers. According to several studies, birds and their droppings can cause more than 60 illnesses, including parrot fever and histoplasmosis.
    • Ticks, fleas, mites, and other biting insects that might spread illnesses may be carried by birds, putting you and your environment at risk.
    • Many species can cause harm to your home, including dislodging roof tiles, constructing nests, clogging gutters, and so on.
    • Aside from the health dangers, bird droppings can make your property seem unclean and unwelcoming.
    • During the breeding season, birds might become hostile and assault residents, customers, and staff.

    If you have pet birds or run a poultry farm, you need to be especially cautious about pest birds since the harm they may wreak might be considerably more than you imagine.

    The Bird Control Earlston Procedure

    We have the standard and defined techniques to give you long-lasting results, whether you desire bird removal from your home or office. Our customer receives a thorough four-step bird protection and control service.

    1.  Inspection

    Our certified bird pest control Earlston professionals will come to your home or business at your convenience for inspection. They will confirm the sort of bird you are dealing with, its features, any property damage it has caused, and more.

    During the examination, our bird control professionals will look for nests and the circumstances that attracted them to your home.

    2. Treatment Plan

    Based on our examination, we will develop a treatment plan that is suited to your unique needs. The customised strategy will include the treatment technique, the completion timeframe, directions for the residents, the expected outcome, and other details.

    Before the treatment begins, our local team of bird control professionals will provide you with an update on the bird removal Earlston treatment method and answer any questions you may have.

    Bird Removal Earlston Procedure

    Our staff will provide the necessary equipment to execute the surgery based on the treatment plan. To manage the birds in your surroundings, Pestico Pest Control employs a variety of tactics such as bird spikes, bird traps, shock tracks, and a sound system. We use a variety of techniques because different birds react differently to these processes.

    Prevention Suggestions

    Without continued preventative advice, a one-time bird control Earlston therapy will not provide long-term outcomes. Following the removal, our professionals will provide you with protection suggestions tailored to your property and the species of nuisance bird.

    • Remove any stagnant water on your property.
    • Always keep your locations clean and your garbage cans covered. Never feed nuisance birds.
    • To decrease nuisance bird roosting, maintain the yard, and cut trees.
    • Gutter cleaning should be done regularly to eliminate stagnant water and bird breeding.

    Remarkable Service Experience

    Our outstanding service at Pestico Pest Control Earlston makes a difference, and it has helped us develop long-term relationships with all our clients. The following factors may influence your decision to choose us for bird nest control in Earlston:

    • Same-day or next-day service is available.
    • Technicians who are well-trained, qualified, and have expertise
    • Methods of pest management that are safe for children and adults
    • Quotes in advance and competitive pricing
    • Service that is friendly and warm
    • Communication that is hassle-free at all levels
    • Assurance of complete satisfaction

    Are you looking for experts to remove birds from rooftops or high-rise buildings? At Pestico Pest Control Earlston, we have the tools and knowledge to handle a wide range of challenging pest removal tasks.


    1. Is it possible that the bird excrements harm humans?

    Answer: Yes, the faeces are detrimental to people since it is a carrier of 60 different illnesses and germs that it transmits through their droppings. If there is a bird infestation nearby, you may be breathing those diseases without even realising it.

    2. The birds have flown away, but their droppings have left a shambles. So, what now?

    Answer: Because the dropping is known to contain a variety of diseases, it is best not to clean it yourself and instead leave it to the professional bird pest control Earlston experts.

    3. How can I get rid of a bird’s nest in my house?

    Answer: Inspect the nest carefully to ensure that it is free of eggs and birds. Apply an antimicrobial spray on the nest. When the nest is dry, remove it and dispose of it in a tightly sealed container or an external trash bag. Throw it away from the house in the garbage.

    4. What are the symptoms of a bird infestation?

    Answer: When birds invade your property, they may leave a shambles. Here are some warning indicators that you should look for to determine whether you have a bird infestation on your property.

    • Bird noises
    • The presence of sticks, grass, or leaves.
    • Bird excrement
    • Dirty bird feathers from nests

    It is critical to act as soon as you see the first indications of a bird infestation. Treating the problem early on will safeguard your home from further bird invasion. The quicker you react, the quicker you will be able to get rid of them.

    5. Who do you contact if you have a bird in your house?

    Answer: It is preferable to hire a professional pest control specialist to remove a bird from your property. Contact Pestico Pest Control Earlston, and we will securely remove birds from your home. We will utilise the appropriate procedures and equipment to remove birds from your property, regardless of where they are hiding. We can even remove birds that have entered your ceiling through a hole or gap.

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