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    Need pest control services in Geelong?

    Everyone wants their home or office to be sparkling clean. But what happens if there is a pest infestation in your commercial or residential space? Pest infestation does not only cause health problems but also make the place look shabby. At Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we make perform complete pest control and removal Geelong. Our services include termites’ treatment and control, cockroach control, spider control, rats control, mice control or any other pest from your commercial or residential property.

    We pride ourselves on our reliability and expertise

    • Free of cost inspection
    • Professional pest control
    • Highly skilled professionals
    • Reliable and affordable pest control
    • 100% satisfaction of clients
    • Emergency services
    • Organic products
    • Guaranteed results

    Flea Fumigation in Geelong

    Flea infestation is a common issue if you have pets. They might cause rash and itchiness to animals. Although fleas are harmless, still one cannot ignore them. We offer the best possible treatment for your pest issues. Call us now to get a express booking for flea control Melbourne treatment.

    How is it eminent to hire expert pest controllers in Geelong?

    Eliminating pests from your office or home is not an easy job. If you decide to do employ DIY methods for tackling the issue, you might end up getting no results as you have no idea where these creepy pests hide. So, it is better that you hire professionals who can deal with them in a specialized manner.

    Here are some ways in which a professional pest controller can help you

    Professionals are aware of the hiding places of pests
    They have right machinery for pest treatment
    They have expertise for treatment of different pest
    Professionals have the right chemicals

    Which services are offered by Pestico Pest Control Geelong?

    Here is a list of pest control services offered by our experts

    Mosquito control
    Wasp control, removals and exterminator
    Fumigation process
    Treatment for woodworms
    Scorpion control
    Spider and fly control
    Termite control, repair, fumigation, insecticide, inspection
    Pest eradication and guard
    Cockroach exterminator, removal and fumigation
    Bat, Spider, Moth and Bee control
    Domestic pest control
    Restaurant pest control
    Ants killer and control
    Squirrels, Tick and bee control
    Fumigation for bedbugs
    Rodent repellent and control
    Flea control
    Silverfish control
    Emergency pest control and same day pest control

    How do we practice and perform pest control Geelong?

    Pest Inspection

    Firstly, professionals check signs for pest infestations and conclude which is the correct method of effective pest control.


    Our professionals revisits your place to ensure that there is no recurrence. We make our customers satisfied with our services and give the best possible tips for pest control Geelong.

    Where do we offer pest control services

    Pestico Pest Control carries out pest control Geelong services in following places

    Residential areas
    Commercial spaces
    Hotels and restaurants
    Malls and shops
    Clinics and hospitals
    Kid’s care centre
    Manufacturing plants
    Schools and colleges

    Which Pest Control Services are delivered by Pestico Pest Control?

    Spider Pest Control

    Spiders are one of the nastiest pests species needs to be eliminated for the safety of your family members. For their removal, you will need professional pest controllers. They are equipped with machinery and know how to eliminate these creepy spiders. We are a reliable leading company in Geelong which offers the best pest control services. Connect with us now to book your slots for professional pest control Geelong.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Commercial pest control treatment is diverse from residential pest control and we know it well. Our team is specialized in this task and can provide efficient pest control treatments in given time line. We have special machinery which can make your surroundings pest-free totally. You can connect with us anytime, we offer services across all the metros, remote areas and suburbs of Geelong.

    Domestic Pest Control

    Harmful insects like cockroaches, spiders, termites, mosquitoes, rats can make you and your family ill. Hiring a professional pest controller can help you to regain a safe and pest free environment in your home in minimal time. So, book Pestico Pest Control’s services now.

    Cockroach Pest Control Geelong

    Cockroaches can spread diseases by transmitting infection. Pestico Pest Control ensures complete protection with its efficient roach control services. Our professionals are well trained and know the correct tricks to control or eliminate cockroach issues.

    Rodent control services

    Rodents are disaster causing animals which can damage everything in your property like food, clothing, books and electric wires, pipes and wooden items. To control their infestation, you can call our experts now and get rid of harmful rodents.

    Silverfish Pest Control Geelong

    One more important service which we provide is the silverfish control service. These pests are harmless for humans but might damage your belongings, So, hire our best services to get rid of these creepy insects and safeguard your belongings.

    Reasonable Pest Control in Geelong

    We are known for offering best quality and effectual pest control services for your property at the reasonable prices. Our supreme services make us reliable and best in the industry. We believe in lucidity and efficiency. Moreover, you will get complete value for the money. Hire us now and get best and reasonable pest control services.

    Same Day Pest Control Geelong


    Pestico Pest Control Melbourne provides same day pest control service in Geelong. So, call us now and get the best services on the same day of booking.

    We at Pestico Pest Control offer effective and best services for pest removal and control in an efficient way. Our expert and professional pest controllers have an experience of 10 years in this niche and we have earned our reliability through our impeccable services. Our pest control treatments are available in all the suburbs of Geelong and western suburbs. So call us now and book your pest control appointment for home or office.

    Which areas do we check?

    Our pest control professionals will inspect the following areas

    Ceilings and roofs
    Interiors of buildings
    Exteriors of buildings
    Under floor gaps
    Timber walls
    Garage, garden and carpets
    Driveways, fencing and backyard

    Useful Tips for preventing pest infestation in your home

    Maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home or office.
    Store your food properly.
    Use sanitized tissue to clean them
    Clean the regularly.
    Don’t leave leftovers on the floor.
    Trim the plants regularly.
    Mow the lawns timely.
    Change the dustbin bag every day.
    Utilize fly screens for windows.

    Why choose us for pest control in Geelong?

    Here are some more reasons you should choose us for the impeccable pest control services in Geelong

    Qualified team of pest controllers
    Experienced professionals
    100% client satisfaction
    Eco-friendly chemicals
    Advance techniques and equipments used in the pest control process.
    Latest equipment with advanced technology
    So, dont allow these unwanted little creature spoil your place anymore. Call us right away and eliminate these pests from your home or office.


    Customer Reviews


    We called Pestico Pest Control Melbourne and they were able to solve all our pest control needs from fleas to bed bugs to spiders. They are professional, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We highly recommend these effective pest control services in Geelong.


    Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is an exceptional company with the highest standards. They will go extra miles to accommodate your schedule and pest problem. Rest assured that this pest control service in Geelong is worth your money and time.


    The Geelong pest control services offered were very satisfactory. These professionals are undoubtedly best in the town as they are knowledgeable, skilled and very cooperative. They took time to explain all the safety aspects of each chemical which made us sure that the treatment is a safe one.


    I would really recommend  this company. They offer the best pest control services in Geelong  and are incredibly professional. The experts were punctual, friendly, and cooperative. They also offered us many useful tips that came in handy. Great job guys!

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