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Worried about the presence of pests in the house or office? Are you tired of home remedies? Are you looking for the best pest control in Canberra? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. Pestico Pest Control understands how painful and annoying these pesky pests can be. Our skilled and professional pest exterminators can help you remove them at the most affordable cost.

Our emergency pest control Canberra team is trained to respond to all pest infestations on the same day. Plus, they are certified and practice safe pest control in Canberra. Get our pest control Canberra technicians within a couple of hours for pest removal. Pestico Pest Control Melbourne offers the most affordable, professional, and hassle-free pest control services in Canberra.

Canberra’s Leading Pest Control Company

Need For Pest Control Services in Canberra

Home remedies are not the best solution to remove pests – they often offer temporary results or sometimes aggravate the infestation. Thus, it is advisable to hire the best pest control company Canberra. Pestico Pest Control is available 24×7 to offer your same-day pest control Canberra service.

We take pride in being the leading pest control company in Canberra. Further, we have successfully handled several pest infestations across Canberra and its surroundings. Our pest controllers are licensed, insured, certified, professional, friendly and offer affordable pest control services Canberra.

At Pestico, we do not leave any stone unturned; thus, our technicians have undergone criminal and identity checks. Plus, we offer a 100% guarantee on the removal of creepy pests from your abode and office.

Call on 048-001-5729. and book our affordable pest control services today! Plus, you can discuss a wide range of effective pest control solutions for your home or office.

Trust Our Experts for the Pest Control Services You Need

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne understands the torture of having pests crawling and flying around the house. Our company offers 100% pest removal from both commercial and residential places. With us on the job, you will experience no more rat screeching, bed bug biting, and cockroaches hiding in dark places. Just call us on 048-001-5729. to avail our expert pest control services Canberra.

At Pestico Pest Control, we offer

100% guaranteed hassle-free pest control services

100% guarantee on pest removal

Residential pest control

Residential pest control Canberra

commerial pest control

Commercial pest control Canberra

Safe and efficient pest control services

Safe and efficient pest control services

Latest tools and products

Use of latest tools and techniques

Strictly adhere to Australian Pest Control rule and regulation

Strictly adhere to Australian Pest Control rule and regulation

A safe and pest-free environment

A safe and pest-free environment

Discreet treatment

Discreet treatment

No hassle booking process

No hassle booking process

Qualified, experienced, and insured pest control in Canberra

Qualified, experienced, and insured pest control in Canberra

Certified and licensed pest controllers

Certified and licensed pest controllers

Fantastic value for your money

Fantastic value for your money

Same day pest control Canberra

Same day pest control Canberra

Eco-friendly pest control service

Eco-friendly pest control service

Best pest control company Canberra

Best pest control company Canberra

So, if you are struggling to find the best pest control services near me, then hire us today!

Expert Pest Control Services in Canberra

Struggling with pests? Hire our experts! Our pest control specialists are available throughout the day and will be at your doorstep within an hour of booking the service. We offer eco-friendly pest control solutions that provide safe and reliable results.

Over two decades of experience, we have dealt with various pests and achieved industry-leading expertise. Our expert pest control technicians remove these critters from commercial and residential places, including in-between walls, gardens, lawns, underground premises, and roof areas. We provide efficient and complete solutions for all your pest issues.

Call us today on 048-001-5729. to avail of our expert pest control services Canberra. Pestico Pest Control technicians will never let your expectation down.

Hire us now!

Approved and Certified Pest Controller in Canberra

Are pests sharing your house along with you? Do not worry anymore! Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is here to resolve your pest-related issues. Our trained pest control technicians are proficient and can deal with all pest infestations. Further, they use safe pest control products to ensure no harm is caused to adults, kids, pregnant ladies, or pets.

Our team of professionals strictly use eco-friendly products to treat pests. Plus, we work courteously without causing any hindrance in your day-to-day activities. Additionally, we believe in resolving the problem at the earliest; thus, our pest controllers arrive at the given address on the same day of booking.

At Pestico, we inspect every nook and cranny of the house, including the living areas, kitchen, pantry, closet, attic, basement, lawn, backyard, etc., to understand the infestation better and offer the best solution. For exceptional pest control services, book our professional today!

Our Pest Control Services

We offer a wide range of services, from general pest control to seasonal pest control in Canberra. Our pest control technicians can handle all pests, including fleas, cockroaches, rats, mice, spiders, wood borers, termites, flies, moths, and everything else that causes issues on your property.

We provide safe, quick, and responsive pest control treatment in Canberra. Our pest control services include:

Rodent Pest Control Canberra

Are rodents infesting your house? Get rid of them with our effective rodent control service. The presence of rodents in the home can be annoying and dangerous to the health of your loved ones. Plus, they can damage almost anything on your property, from clothing to food to electrical wirings.

They even spoil the indoor environment and spread diseases, including rabies. Thus, it is essential to hire a professional emergency pest control Canberra company. Pestico Pest Control offers a 24×7 pest inspection service to cater to your pest control needs. Plus, we assure you that our technicians will be at your doorstep within an hour of booking.

Flies Pest Control Services Canberra

Living with flies can be difficult. They are irritating and greatly affect your peace of mind. Flies’ infestation can be very dangerous and may compromise the health of your loved ones. They are known carriers of many pathogens, bacteria, and other illness-causing germs. Plus, they contaminate the food sources and compromise home hygiene.

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne offers complete protection against flies’ infestation. Our pest control technicians inspect your place to identify the source and severity of infestation. We treat and remove the infestation within 24 hours. Call on 048-001-5729. and end your search for the best pest control services near me.

Millipedes Pest Control in Canberra

Millipedes are present everywhere, and they are one of the most common pests in Canberra. Mostly they are seasonal and come out in the autumn and spring seasons. They are harmless to humans, but when threatened, they discharge a foul-smelling liquid that can be irritating.

Our residential pest control Canberra service offers green solutions for all pest infestations. Our trained and certified technicians provide the best millipedes removal service. Hire Pestico’s exterminators and experience the best service at the lowest price in Canberra.

Scorpion Pest Control Canberra

Scorpions are found in warm and humid habitats, such as gardens, under the log, shallow burrows, and forests. Generally, scorpions do attack humans, but they will attack when threatened.
If you spot a scorpion on your property, get in touch with a trusted and experienced team of technicians to remove scorpions from your premises. If you are looking for a 24×7 pest control service near me, remember we are there for you whenever you need us.

Silverfish Pest Control in Canberra

Silverfish usually prefers dark and moist places, such as bathrooms, kitchen, wardrobes, cupboards, and attic. These pesky critters are not harmful to humans but can cause huge damage to personal belongings. So, if you do want to risk valuables, hire professional pest control services near me.

At Pestico Pest control, we offer same-day pest control Canberra service to make your abode and office pest-free. Call on 048-001-5729. to know more about effective pest control in Canberra.

Moth Control Pest Canberra

Moth infestation is a serious concern, and it is challenging to get rid of them. There are several moth species present in Australia, but a handful infest homes and offices. Moths multiple rapidly and lay small eggs that are difficult to remove. Thus, it is advisable to hire the best pest control company Canberra.

At Pestico, we offer a cost-effective and friendly moth control service. Our pest control Canberra team is experienced and trained to remove moth infestation in no time. Prevent damages to your loved possession by contacting Pestico Pest Control Melbourne.

Borer Pest Control in Canberra

Borers are pests that are known to damage wood and timber articles in the house and office. The most common sign of borer infestation is holes in wood and timber. These holes are created by their larvae and multiple holes would compromise the timber.

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne has been handling borer infestation in Canberra and offers the most desirable outcomes. Our specialist can remove the borer using the best products and tools. They use highly advanced machines to ensure your house or office is pest-free within 24 hours. We have set the landmark of removing borer infestation within one go.

Cockroach Pest Control Canberra

Cockroaches are the most common pests found not just in Canberra but worldwide. These scary looking pests are found in areas with plenty of food and moisture. Even if the cockroach infestation has not reached a high extent, you should not ignore it, as they can multiply in hundreds in no time.

At Pestico Pest Control, we offer complete protection against cockroaches with roach fumigation service. Our pest controllers are trained and know multiple ways to deal with a cockroach infestation. Call on 048-001-5729. to get the best residential and commercial pest control Canberra service at a reasonable price.

Possum Pest Control Services Canberra

If you have spotted a possum on your property, immediately hire the best pest control company Canberra. Possums can cause severe damage to insulation, electrical appliances, wiring, and structure. Plus, they can infect the area with their faeces and urine.

There are 13 varieties of Possum found, but the two popular species in Canberra are Brushtail Possum and Ringtail Possum.

Please contact us for possum removal and relocation. We have a specially trained team of professionals to cater to your needs. Hire us and safely get rid of the possum problem.

Same Day Pest Control Canberra

Our pest control methods are efficient, safe, and effective. Plus, we are available on the weekend and weekdays too. Moreover, to ensure that you are relieved from pests at the earliest, we offer same-day pest control Canberra service.

At Pestico, we understand that pest control cannot wait. The more you delay, the more these critters increase in number. Once you book an appointment, our technicians will be at your doorsteps within an hour. We have expert technicians to offer your 24×7 service. So, do not think much and give us a call!

Commercial Pest Control Canberra

Pestico Pest Control Melbourne is a renowned name in the field of professional pest control services. We treat your commercial place with effective and safe pest control chemicals to offer your best outcome. Plus, we have a team of dedicated professionals to look after commercial pest control needs.

Now you can get rid of pests from your office without any hassle, just contact us on 048-001-5729. today!

Residential Pest Control Canberra

Keep your abodes pest-free – contact our professional team today! Pestico Pest Control provides residential pest control solutions across Canberra and suburbs. Plus, we offer the best home and apartment pest inspection, control, and treatment services in Canberra.

Moreover, our residential pest control Canberra treatments are affordable and effective. Our pest control technicians reach your doorstep within an hour of booking the appointment. Hire us and protect your living space from all sorts of pests.

Neglecting pest control services can prove expensive in the long run.

Pest can infest your property and cause severe damage, including weakening the foundation by causing structural damage. With time, the damage caused by these pesky critters increases, and the infestation grows beyond control. Plus, the time and money required to control such damage can be very expensive.

Avoid these untoward repercussions by opting for professional pest control in Canberra. Allow Pestico Pest Control Melbourne technicians to do pest treatment so that you can return to an abode that is pest-free, healthy, and hygienic.

Struggling With Pests? Let’s chat about the solution.

You can nip the pest-related problem in the bud by opting for the best pest control company Canberra. Let us help you live in a pest-free environment. Contact us on 048-001-5729. and ask for an obligation free quotation or discuss several pest control solutions for your home or office.


What pests are covered under pest control services?

Pest control services remove unwanted insects, such as ants, cockroaches, termites, rodents, moths, spiders, silverfish, borer, and more from residential and commercial places.

How frequently should I have a pest and termite inspection?

It is essential to have pest inspections yearly. Termites particularly do a lot of damage to the building structures when left unchecked. You can minimise or avoid these problems with an annual inspection.

Are there environmentally friendly pest control products?

Everyone is worried about getting exposed to pesticides. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly pest control options available for pest control in Canberra. Pestico Pest Control uses safe and green pest control products that are effective on pests and safe for humans and pets.

Are there different types of pest control methods?

The pest control method depends on the issue at the hand. Professional pest control Canberra companies use trapping, poison, fumigation, sterilisation, and pesticide to control, exterminate and deter pest populations.

Which are the most common pests found in Canberra?

The most common and trouble-causing pests found in Canberra are spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, termites, and wasps. Further, these pests are active during the warmer months. However, termites are active all year round.

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