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    Professional Dead Animal Removal Melbourne

    Are you discovering dead animals on your property? Do not desire to remove them on your own? Hire Pestico Pest Control Melbourne for professional dead animal removal Melbourne service!

    The proximity of deceased animals causes serious health problems for you and your loved ones. Melbourne has benefited from our complete dead animal pest control services when it comes to disposing of deceased animals.

    Dead animals can lead to a variety of problems, which our professionals can help you prevent. Diseases can be carried and spread by possums, rats, and some household pets. As a result, dealing with dead animal carcasses is always dangerous.

    Our dead animal pest control services are designed to remove all types of deceased animals from your property. Our removal services are accessible for all sorts of properties, including homes, offices, schools, and shopping centres.

    Being the leading dead animal disposal company in Melbourne, we assure your safety from the perils of lifeless animals. Our pest control services are customised to ensure that all the remains and traces of deceased animals are removed from your premises. Further, we use specialised tools to remove stains, odour, germs, and other pollutants left behind by carcasses.

    Affordable Dead Animal Removal Company

    Pets get periodic treatment and care that prevents them from spreading deadly diseases. So, when it comes to your deceased pets, you can deal with them without any professional assistance. However, you need to take safety precautions, including the use of gloves and certified cleaning agents to remove them safely. Nevertheless, if you feel it is too heartbreaking to say goodbye to your loved ones, Pestico Pest Control is available 24×7 to offer you affordable and friendly dead pest removal service.

    When it comes to other animals who trespass and die on your property, you need to hire a professional for the disposal of dead animals. These animals are known to carry several diseases, and without professional help, it can be dangerous. Plus, dead carcasses hold thousands of illness-causing pathogens that can easily infect residents and your pets.

    At Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we have advanced dead animal removal solutions. Our experts are experienced to offer professional help whenever you require our service. We even provide an emergency pest control service to resolve your issue at the earliest.

    Importance of Dead Animal Removal

    The presence of dead animals is a real concern for business owners and homeowners across Melbourne. A dead animal on the premises is more than just an eyesore, it can cause serious health issues in humans and their four-legged family members.

    So, if you notice a dead carcass on your property, do not wait or try to remove them on your own. Hire a professional deceased animal removal company! The quicker you dispose of the dead animal, the better it is for your family members.

    Now let us look at the benefits of dead animal removal.

    Hygiene and Health issues

    A dead carcass attracts lots of harmful germs and bacteria that can spread several diseases and infections. With each passing day, the risk of getting ill increases due to pathogens and germs in the surroundings. Thus, it is advisable to hire a professional dead animal removal Melbourne company at the earliest.

    When you contact Pestico Pest Control, you get safe and complete dead animal remove service, from hygienically disposing of deceased animals to sanitising the place.

    Eye Sore and Odour

    If the animal dies within the house, it can make the pace nothing short of a nightmare. The smell of rotting carcasses would be overwhelming and unforgiving. Our team of dead animal removers safely removes the dead animal, making your surroundings safe and hygienic for all.

    Increased Wildlife Sightings

    The smell of dead animals can attract scavengers. A dead possum on your property may not look like a serious health concern but can attract scavengers, such as raccoons or other flesh-eating wild animals.

    To avoid this wildlife encounter, always call an expert for the disposal of dead animals. The sooner you act, the better it is.

    Increase the Risk of Cross-Contamination.

    A dead carcass in your yard or home increases the chances of cross-contamination. If the animal has died due to ASF, H1N1, etc., it is essential to remove them from your property at the earliest. Pestico Pest Control technicians follow all the safety measures while carrying out dead animal removal services in a residential and commercial place.

    Why Choose Pestico Pest Control Melbourne?

    Pestico Pest Control is a company that specialises in all sorts of pest control and is a well-known pest management company in Australia. For all types of establishments, we provide comprehensive pest control and prevention solutions.

    Our animal removal services are well-known among Melbourne residents and business owners. We tailor services to resolve your issues and ensure that you return to a safe and hygienic property.

    For dead animal removal, we employ solutions that are accepted and certified. Our services are also environmentally friendly and meet Australian pest control regulations. You can reach out to us at any time of day or night, and our professionals will handle all your pest control needs.

    Call on +61 480 015 729 to know more about our services and get dead animal removal cost Melbourne.

    Dead Animal Removal Melbourne

    Rodents such as rats, mice, and raccoons frequently die at residential and commercial sites, whether because of traps or large infestations. It is not safe for you to handle rat remains without the assistance of a specialist. Diseases that are harmful to people can be carried and spread by squirrels, rats, possums, and porcupines.

    Even after death, the remnants of such mice can continue to spread deadly diseases. Dead animal removal services provided by Pestico Pest Control are designed to deal with such vermin safely. We can safeguard your property against any current or potential threats posed by dead animal remains.

    Rodents, unlike most animals, die in regions of your home that are rarely visited, such as the roof, storage spaces, duct system, basements, and interior walls. To locate and deal with such deceased creatures, you’ll need the necessary knowledge. Our dead animal disposal services are tailored to ensure that such vermin are removed effectively. For all types of buried or lodged dead animals on your property, we have specialised removal options.

    Plus, do not worry about dead animal removal cost Melbourne, we charge a fair price.

    Why Do Dead Animal Carcasses Smell So Bad?

    A mixture of chemicals, including benzene derivatives, sulphur dioxide, methane, and long-chain hydrocarbons, contribute to the stink of decaying dead rats. Except for filth flies and vultures, this mixture of harmful gases produces a noxious odour that is repellent to almost all animals. The smell of a decomposing animal or mouse can linger and worsen over time as more and more body decomposes during a 6–10week period.

    When you smell the odour of a dead animal, you should take the following precautions.

    Look for areas with concentrations of fly, bug, maggot, or beetle populations attracted to a dead carcass. You can use the sniff test on sites where flies are hovering to confirm the location of the dead animals. Further, you need to keep an eye on the floor or walls as the dead carcass oozes bodily fluids.

    Handling a dead animal can be dangerous, so it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Plus, the stench of a dead animal can be overwhelming, causing nausea, severe headaches, and other health problems. Call Pestico Pest Control Melbourne as soon as you see a dead animal on your property!

    Animals frequently die in difficult-to-reach locations. As a result, for the disposal of dead animals, our personnel may have to cut the flooring or sheetrock, rip up carpets, or replace the ceiling sheet.

    We Provide The Following Services:

    Extermination of Dead Mice

    There’s a chance the homemade mouse traps and other DIY approaches will succeed, and you’ll end up with dead mice in your home. Their specific position may be unknown. Don’t worry, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest.

    Getting Rid of a Dead Pet

    When a pet dies, the owner suffers a great loss. We will remove your pet’s body from your home and aid you in burying it because we understand your loss.

    Getting Rid of Dead Birds

    The carcasses of deceased birds attract vultures and other pests. To maintain a sanitary environment, removal of the body should be done right away.

    Removal of Dead Rats

    Rats that have perished can spread a range of infections and health issues. Further, the stench of their decomposing carcasses is unbearable. Give us a call right now and experience efficient dead animal pest control services in Melbourne.

    If you just set bait in the house and now have the unpleasant odour of a dead animal coming from your walls, ceiling, or the crawl area beneath the house, contact Pestico Pest Control, we can assist you with dead animal removal.

    When you contact us for our dead rat removal service, we locate the source of the odour and dispose of the deceased rodent in a sanitary and timely way.

    The Carcass Removal Service 

    It is a service that helps people get rid of their bodies. The handling of carcasses necessitates the formation of an expert team. All safety procedures must be followed before removing the carcass. As a result, give us a call and relax.

    Dead Possum Removal

    Possums die. It’s an unavoidable truth of life. On the other hand, they die in the most inconvenient situations. The scent of a dead possum or rat might remain for weeks before the body dries out sufficiently for the smell to go. The carcass, however, remains even after the initial odour of the dead animal has faded. Dead animal carcasses can pose a health risk if they are left in place within walls, ceilings, or subflooring.

    By removing the dead animal as soon as possible, you can reduce the amount of time the smell will linger, and the risk of property damage that can occur when bacteria are involved in the decomposition process.

    If you’re experiencing a foul odor and can’t figure out what it is. There’s a good chance you have a dead possum on your roof. Possums that have died in roofs can create a foul odor throughout your home. You should have it removed as soon as possible because the stench of a dead animal will only worsen, posing a safety threat.

    Residential Dead Animal Pest Control Services

    The presence of dead animals’ carcasses in the house is an eyesore. Not only from a visual standpoint, but it also poses numerous health problems as time passes. As a result, it’s critical to get rid of them as soon as possible. Furthermore, because of its stomach-churning odour, you may experience severe headaches and vomiting. To avoid all these underlying concerns, you need to hire a dead animal removal professional at the earliest.

    Commercial Dead Animal Removal Melbourne 

    We also provide dead animal removal services for both large and small businesses. Keeping your workplace clean and devoid of dead animals is also essential. Give our dead animal removal experts a call if you come across dead animals in your commercial locations. We have a capable team that will clear the corpse in no time while not interfering with your job. Don’t be concerned about the dead animal removal cost Melbourne; we charge a fair price.

    Dead Animal Removal Process

    To deal with dead animals, our specialists at Pestico Pest Control Melbourne use commercial-grade equipment and methods. Top pest control professionals have endorsed and recommended our approaches. This is how we typically handle the removal of dead animals.

    We begin by thoroughly inspecting your property. It aids us in determining the origins and consequences of dead animals on your land.
    We may generate a pre-removal report for your property after a thorough assessment. This report will assist you in determining the type of removal service required for your property.
    Our dead animal removal crew in Melbourne tailor suitable animal removal solutions for a variety of properties.
    For your home or business, we customise the most effective dead animal removal and cleaning options.
    After safely removing the dead animal remains, our experts begin the cleaning process.
    At Pestico Pest Control, we employ eco-friendly procedures and treatments that are suitable for children and pets.
    To clean the property, we use widely approved and certified cleaning chemicals. It ensures that unwanted odours, stains, germs, and other impurities created by dead animals are removed.
    We also undertake a post-removal check to look for any evidence of dead animal remains or potential hazards. When we're through, your property will be free of all the causes and risks associated with deceased animals.

    Contact Us To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

    At Pestico Pest Control Melbourne, we handle the difficult chore of dead animal removal throughout Melbourne. To control maggots, fly larvae, and other insects that may be present, we apply insecticide and chemical dust. After removing the carcass, we even use an industrial-grade deodorizer to get rid of the stench.

    Call on +61 480 015 729 to book an appointment or for an on-call free quote.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    When you come across a dead animal, what should you do?

    You should report your local authorities if you come across a dead animal on the road, on the sidewalk, or in any other open public space. The landowner should be alerted if a dead animal is discovered on the property.

    What precautions should be taken when disposing of dead animals?

    Safe Carcass Handling and Disposal Protocols

    • Carrying dead animals, necropsy operations, and clearing out carcasses should all be done while wearing protective gear.
    • Place the body in a disposable body bag, tie it up and dispose it of.

    Is it possible to contract rabies after encountering a dead animal?

    Rabies is transmitted via rodents, either after getting bitten by them or after eating dead animals. So, if you see a dead animal on the side of the road, don’t touch it. If you must touch it, make certain it is genuinely dead.

    Is it possible to become sick by eating a dead animal?

    Dead animal waste can harbour a variety of viruses and other pathogens that can infect people either directly or indirectly through contaminated food or water. If animal carcasses are not properly disposed of, they can constitute a serious health risk.

    Are exterminators responsible for the removal of deceased animals?

    Most local animal control agencies will refuse to enter your home or property to remove a deceased animal. To prevent the spread of infections and parasites, residents should contact Pestico Pest Control Melbourne professionals. We are certified and qualified to dispose of dead animals.

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