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    Bees can cause a nuisance in your home as well as in your office. These tiny pests are commonly seen in spring. You can spot them flying near the hives in groups. Stings of some bees like honey bees can cause serious allergies and reactions which can also be lethal. However, bees are also eminent for our environment in multiple ways. We at Pestico Pest Control understand this importance, which is why we offer bee control services in Melbourne which help you to eliminate nuisance caused due to the bees without harming or killing them. Connect with us to book our professional bee control services today.

    Best Bee Control Services In Melbourne

    Pestico Pest Control’s Bees Control and Prevention

    Our expert pest controllers are highly skilled and experienced in their jobs. They take all the necessary precautions and shielding actions to make sure that no one in your family is hurt. Also, they take off the bees and make sure that they are not killed. We can handle all types of beehives in residential as well as commercial spaces.

    Pestico Pest Control uses a range of various personalized bee control methods to relocate the honey bees and beehives and to eliminate their incursion in commercial or residential areas. We shift and relocate them to a suitable and better place where they would not cause any problem to people.

    Additionally, our professional and skilled beekeepers also take necessary steps to ensure that the bees do not make a hive near your area in future.

    Firstly, our main concern is to take away bees and shift them to a safe place. However, in case the bees react to our actions in an aggressive manner, then we might have to opt for a fog treatment as an alternative action. This procedure is carried out using all essential safety measures without harming you and your surroundings.

    Usually, Professional Bees control treatments in Melbourne are carried out in the night as the bees are less vigorous at this time of the day. Also, we utilize eco-friendly and herbal pest control solutions which are 100% effective and safe for surroundings.

    Our expert honey beekeepers are skilled and experienced according to industry standards. We train them so that they can efficiently offer bees control services in Melbourne.

    How to prevent bee infestation in your home or office?

    Handling and eradicating the bees is not an easy job. Even minor negligence or mistake can result in an eruption of hive and situation can be out of control. So, rather than eradicating the bees, it is always wise to prevent their infestation. Here are some tips to help you in preventing the build-up of bees.

    Firstly, the most effectual way of preventing bee infestation is to maintain cleanliness in your home. You can follow some methods like vacuuming your home, cleaning your yards, changing the dustbins on time and washing your dustpans with disinfectants. This will surely help you to stay away from bee infestations.
    Secondly, you can employ the adhesive procedure to get rid of the bees and eggs. This method is useful if the infestation is controllable. You can throw away the adhesive bags afterwards.
    Thirdly, you can cleanse and wash the infected area with warm water above 60-degree centigrade. Also, applying heat to infested areas can eliminate bees. Make sure that the heat is applied suddenly and not gradually. Gradual heal can alarm the bees and they will move to another area.
    You can also utilize peppermint or cryonite as it is an effective non-chemical bee control treatment for home or offices.
    In case all these methods fail to control bee infestation in your home or office, you need to take help from a professional pest control firm which is approved by Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

    Pestico Pest Control is a prominent Bees control firm in Melbourne. Our experts deal with every type of bees and eliminate them.

    Why choose pest control services from Pestico Pest Control?

    • Our bees control services are carried out by skilled and reliable professionals within the given schedule.
    • Pestico Pest Control employs only qualified and knowledgeable professionals to make sure that our clients are safe during the entire process.
    • Pestico Pest Control, you will get the best bee removal services at the most reasonable prices.
    • We believe in protecting the bees rather than killing them. Thus, we try our best to move them safely and relocate them so that they would not hinder or harm you or anybody else in the surroundings.

    Backed by years of experience in bee control and beekeeping, Pestico Pest Control has gained reputation and reliability amongst clients. This experience also makes us a perfect choice for dealing with such dangerous insects. Moreover, we also offer consultation on preventing infestation of bees and insects. So, you can also connect with us to seek advice in keeping these dangerous pests away from your home or office.

    So, in case you have noticed a group of bees setting up a hive in the premises of your home or office, give us a call immediately. We will inspect the site, determine the severity of the infestation and carry out the necessary steps. Connect with us and get a express booking from Pestico Pest Control now. Our expert bee and pest control services are available all around Melbourne. So connect with us now and book an appointment.

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