8 Natural Ways To Prevent Spiders From Invading Your Home in Melbourne!

Spiders are beneficial as they may help in reducing insects in your garden. However, they are not welcome in most houses in Australia. So, before hiring a professional spider control Melbourne company, try these home treatments and suggestions to keep them out!

Although completely eliminating spiders is not practical (or desirable), you may dramatically reduce their populations in your house by making it less hospitable to them.

Try any of these safe and natural yet effective methods to keep these critters outside where they belong instead of hiring professional spider pest control Melbourne technicians.

Natural Spider Repellents

Citrus fruits

Keeping citrus fruits in a bowl on your kitchen counter is an excellent technique to keep spiders away. The leftover citrus peels can be rubbed around entrances and windowsills. You may limit the smell of vinegar by keeping several orange peels in a cup of vinegar overnight. Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and add the infused vinegar. It may be sprayed on high-bug-traffic areas or used as a cleaning agent.

White Vinegar

You should have a supply of vinegar on hand for cleaning and a variety of other purposes. Vinegar spray can be used as a natural pest control treatment. While it is safe for humans, the acetic acid present in it gives it a sour taste and odour that irritates spiders. To use, fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and halfway with water. Spray throughout your house, focusing on the kitchen and any places where pests may enter. Cleaning your bathroom and kitchen with vinegar is a terrific idea to keep them out!

Diatomaceous Earth

You may also combine one tablespoon of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) with 1 quart of water in a spray bottle. Spray around the outside of your abode, where you observe spiders. It may also be used to remove other pests from invading your garden. Either spritz them with the water combination or use a ring of powder to surround the plants. When using DE, make sure you do not breathe in the dust. You can avoid dust inhalation by mixing the water in it before applying it. Also, make sure you get food-grade diatomaceous earth. If you feel that the infestation is severe, hire a professional Pest control Melbourne company.


Mint is an effective natural insect repellent. Several bugs, including spiders, loathe mint. Fill a spray bottle with peppermint oil and water. Using a spray bottle, squirt the solution all-around your home. Dried mint leaves can also be crushed and stored in little sachets in your pantry. If you do not have any fresh mint, you can use mint tea bags instead. Another great strategy to keep spiders out of your property is to plant mint leaves around your entryways.

Horse Chestnuts

Horse chestnuts have been claimed to repel spiders. Spiders will stay away if you place a couple on your window sills or around your baseboards. Chestnuts are an excellent choice since they last for a long time before going bad.


Another organic method that you can use to deter spiders is Cedar. Professional spiders pest control technicians suggest scattering cedar blocks and chips around your property. A pleasant woody fragrance will fill your house as a bonus.

Don’t let them in

The easiest method to keep spiders out without an expert spider pest control Melbourne technician is to keep them out in the first place. Pests will not be able to make themselves at home if your home is adequately sealed. Make sure there is not enough area for them to fit through any doorways and windowsills. Caulk and weather-stripping can be used to pack any gaps and holes.

Hire a Professional Spiders Pest Control Technician

If you feel that the infestation is too severe to handle, hire a professional. Professional technicians are equipped with the latest tools and products to remove them safely and effectively.

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